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Before we start talking about the IP we have to make some things clear by first telling you something about IP addresses themselves. We can describe IP addresses as four sets of numbers divided by dots, which are assigned to computers and other devices when they connect to a network. The main purpose of an IP address in this case is to help in device identification and at the same time it reveals its location.

What is

Well, The IP address belongs to the range of so called “private IP addresses ( through This IP address is also used as a default IP address by many router manufacturers, D-Link and Netgear being the most popular. However, these two router brands don’t own the exclusive right to use this IP as a default one for their routers; other manufacturers can use it if they wish. However, although this IP is set as default in the factory, it can be easily changed. The reason why you may want to change this IP is if you want to add another router to the network which already has the same IP.  To be more precise, inside the network there can be only one device with this IP. This also applies for any other IP. When two devices in the same network have the same IP it will cause an IP conflict which can result in networking issues. Additionally, if you experience any kind of network connectivity problems, the first thing you can use to solve them is to access the router’s settings page by typing into your browser’s address box. as a Default IP

Both Netgear and D-Link use this IP ( as a default IP address to allow the user to easily configure its router. Basically, once the user gets access to the router configuration panel he or she can manage network connectivity, increase the network security and so on. Other two popular private and at the same time default IP addresses are and, but we won’t talk about them in this article. as a Private IP

IANA or the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority has defined several IP ranges to be for private use and belongs to one of these ranges. These IP addresses are normally used in local networks or individual devices to perform specific tasks. Being a private IP greatly influences on the security of the network because if any of the devices inside the network tries to identify itself using a private IP it can’t connect to the Internet. At the same time, any device which is not part of the network can’t connect to a device in the network which uses a private IP. In order to make these connections possible, a NAT (Network Address Translation) devise or a router with this feature is used.

Boost Your Wireless Network Security Using the IP

The owners of Netgear, D-Link, and other router brands can use the IP to boost the security of their wireless home network. Most of the time, people use their routers out-of-the-box just to start browsing the Internet as soon as possible. However, this is the best way to allow an unwanted person gain access to your network without your approval. Instead, take your time and follow the next few steps to boost your wireless network security.

  • The first thing you have to do is to change the default IP and default password for your router. This can be easily done in the router’s configuration panel. This step is important because no matter how safe you feel at your own home, anyone with some knowledge can use the default IP and login details of your router to access your network.
  • The second step would be to change your router’s SSID. In most cases the default SSID is the name of the router brand which is being broadcasted in the network area. So, create a unique SSID for your wireless network and disable SSID broadcasting. You can easily do this in the configuration panel under Wireless settings.
  • The next, third, step is to enable encryption. This option is also available in the configuration panel, and it is best to use the strongest encryption your router can offer. Most commonly WEP encryption is used as a default and it is not a bad choice at all, because both older and newer devices recognize it. To use WEP encryption, you will have to think of a strong password for it, and by strong we mean using capital and small letters, numbers and special characters. The more complicated you make it; the harder it will be to break it.
  • Enabling MAC address filtering will bring your wireless network security to a completely new level. Why is that so, you may ask? Well, each device which is used to connect to a network has a MAC address. With this option enabled, only devices whose MAC address is saved in the configuration settings of the router will be able to connect to the network. Although it will take some time to collect all the MAC addresses and save them in the configuration settings, we strongly recommend you to use this feature. For best results always combine MAC address filtering with encryption.
  • The last, but not the least, step is to enable your router’s firewall. It is also recommended to do the same on the computers in the network. By doing this your wireless home network will be rock solid.

Remember that in order to make all these changes you have to use the IP to access the router’s configuration panel. After that, everything is pretty easy.

At the end…

As you can see, the IP address is not just a bunch of random numbers. It has many different uses which can greatly influence on your network security, and additionally, because of its popularity, you can find lots of online resources whenever you encounter any network connectivity or other issues.